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Understanding Dental Implants in Anchorage

Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement in Anchorage

One of the most popular dental procedures for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. If done correctly, dental implants are a fast and reliable solution to replace one or multiple teeth, whatever the situation requires. Also, as an added benefit, they also prevent bone deterioration which is a long-term side effect of losing teeth.

Dental implants are the closest thing to real teeth that you can get, and they are the ideal solution for tooth replacement. While dentures or bridges might work for some people, dental implants are the best option for anyone looking to preserve their dental structure as closely as possible to their original set of teeth. If you’re considering dental implants in Anchorage, Dr. Todd Miles and his professional staff are ready to help you restore that perfect smile you once had.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a mechanism by which one or more missing teeth are replaced by false teeth which are anchored to the jaw using titanium posts. The fusion often takes time, but the payoff is that the new artificial teeth will look identical to your own healthy, natural teeth. They’re not only good looking, though. Dental implants function just as well as real teeth, which means you won’t have to modify your diet based on your new teeth.

While many feel that dental implants are costly, they can actually be a savings considering they are permanent fix compared to others that may need to be replaced every few years or so, such as dental bridges. Dental implants are the most permanent and smartest solution in the long run for missing teeth, making them a staple of cosmetic dentistry. Benefits of dental implants include the following:

- Preserve your smile
- No need to change your diet
- Prevent jaw bone deterioration
- Strong, permanent, realistic tooth replacements
- No difficulty talking or chewing (common to dentures)
- Recovery, Side Effects, and Other Considerations

Though it’s not customary, some patients suffering from long-term bone deterioration may need bone graft surgery to adjust the jaw-bone properly to support the implants, or else the implants will be displaced in a very short time with the slightest amount of pressure or stress. Since local anesthetic is applied to the patient prior to the surgical process, there is only some minor discomfort and soreness during the surgical procedure. There are some temporary post-procedure side effects like inflammation around the operated area which can be taken care of with prescription drugs that will be prescribed by the dentist after the surgery has taken place.

Common Dental Implant Options

There are different types of dental implants based on the severity of tooth loss and gum health. These options cover everything, starting from the dental implant for one tooth to dental implants for an entire set of teeth. All these options are viable and available under the care of Dr. Miles in Anchorage.

Replacement for One Tooth

This is the simplest type of dental implant that is more common among children who accidentally might lose a tooth or two. It’s also commonly used in adults who have baby teeth that never fell out. The crown tooth is placed on the implant and starts to feel natural in a couple of days or so.

Replacement for Multiple Teeth

Dental implants for multiple teeth are bit different from dental implants for a single tooth. Just because multiple teeth are being replaced doesn’t mean there will be individual implants for all of them.

At first, an accurate mold is created by the dentist that matches with the gum outline where the teeth are missing. Once the artificial set has been made, the surgeon fits the mold by attaching three implants, two on the crown teeth at the farthest ends of the mold and one in the middle, effectively making a bridge-like structure that is supported firmly by the three implants.


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Full-set Replacement

Replacing all the teeth in a patient’s mouth is the most complex and sensitive dental implant procedure. Since all the teeth have to be replaced, this procedure demands the maximum number of implants. These implants are split evenly between the upper and lower teeth to accommodate the whole set of 32 teeth. This process is most popular among elderly people who are more prone to naturally losing their teeth due to old age.

Revolutionize Your Smile With 3 On 6 Dental Treatment

The 3 On 6 treatment option involves placing three dental implants in the arch and attaching a fixed bridge to those implants. This bridge will hold six artificial teeth, hence the name "3 On 6." This treatment provides a stable and secure replacement for missing teeth and can greatly improve a patient's ability to chew and speak. Learn More Here.

Bone Grafting and Dental Implants

In many instances, bone deterioration occurs within the jaw when a tooth is lost and no attention is paid to it until the time for a dental implant comes. To put it in simple words, bone grafting is the process in which grafting material is applied to the target area of the surgery by making a small incision in the gum and inserting the grafting material through it.

Similar to patching a hole in a wall with plaster, the graft solidifies the hollow segments around which new cells are formed. Grafting materials for bone grafts come in various forms, the most common being animal or human bone tissue surgically processed for the grafting procedure. There are different types of bone grafting processes used depending on the condition of the patient to lay the foundation for dental implants. Some of the most common types of bone grafting procedures are autograft, allograft, xenograft, and alloplast.

Care and Maintenance

In general, dental implants don’t need specialized care and maintenance like dentures and bridges as they’re meant to be long-term solutions. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is a must as nothing can loosen the implants other than bad gum health. However, after the surgery some precautions and care need to be taken as any possible damage or accident that might happen during that period may impair the procedure. For the first couple of days, any stressful activity for the mouth like chewing should be avoided.

Anchorage Dental Implants

It’s time to think about the future of your dental health. Do you want a permanent solution to your missing teeth that is completely hands off and worry-free? Are you looking for replacement teeth that let you eat everything you love and won’t need to be replaced ten years down the line?

If you are serious about restoring your smile to a full set of pearly whites, then you may be a great candidate for dental implants. Learn more today by giving Delaney Park Dental a call at (907) 531-7290. We’ve been helping the people of Anchorage win back their smiles for years, and we’d love to add you to our list of happy customers. Schedule an appointment today.

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The Cost of Dental Implant

Revolutionize Your Smile With 3 On 6 Dental Treatment

Experience the stability and security of a fixed solution without the need for a full arch reconstruction. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and see if the 3 On 6 treatment is the right fit for you!

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It is important to Dr. Miles that you fully understand the pros and cons of all available treatment options, and he will help you find the best treatment possible.On a more personal note, Dr. Miles enjoys golfing, skiing, traveling, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and sons.

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