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Understanding The Role
Of Dentures

  • Enhanced chewing and eating experience
  • Improved speech and articulation
  • Restored facial aesthetics and confidence
  • Customizable options for a natural look
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Unlocking smiles and restoring confidence, dentures play a pivotal role in oral health. This article delves into the significance of dentures, highlighting their transformative impact on comfort, aesthetics, and overall well-being.
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    Why Choose Dentures?

    Why Dentures Are A Great Option For Tooth Replacement

    You use your teeth for more than merely chewing your food. They’re also an integral part of your first impression with others. While maintaining a healthy set of teeth through regular brushing, flossing, and dental care is the ideal, there are times when this doesn’t work out.

    Sometimes, tooth decay takes over, and you need a permanent solution to replace your missing teeth. One such option is dentures, and Delaney Park Dental is one of the leading providers of dentures in Anchorage, AK. Our experienced dental provider in Anchorage makes some of the most immaculate dentures you will find. Read on to learn more about how dentures can help you maintain the form and function of natural teeth.

    understanding dentures

    What Are Dentures?

    Dentures are a dental solution for patients who suffer from moderate to severe tooth loss for any number of reasons. While there are many procedural options available for patients with missing teeth, dentures are best suited for those patients who are missing more than just a tooth or two.

    Dentures have become more and more popular among the elderly over the last few decades as they are prone to losing a lot of their teeth naturally over time.


    Why Get Dentures?

    People get dentures for all sorts of reasons, from cosmetic to health-related. You will find some of the most common causes that lead people to get dentures:

    How Dentures Work

    Types of Dentures and How They Work

    Explore the varied world of dentures and their functionality. From traditional to implant-supported, discover how different types of dentures restore smiles and enhance oral function.

    Restore Your Smile

    Removable Dentures

    The working principle of removable dentures is quite easy to understand. At first, we apply a glue-like plastic resin on the bone ridge where the teeth used to be naturally. Once it is applied, the artificial teeth are appropriately attached to the resin and positioned for maximum comfort and functionality. The suctioning effect of dentures appropriately fitted against on the bone ridge lets the false teeth stay in place. The main advantage of removable dentures is that they can be detached for further dental procedures if required.

    Naturally, like any other medical procedure, it will probably take a couple of days for you to acclimate yourself with your new dentures when it comes to day-to-day activities like talking and eating. This acclimation happens because the resin requires some time to fit in properly like a glove in your mouth. But once it fits, it’s often as good as natural.Removable dentures come in two varieties: full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures replace a complete row of teeth (top, bottom, or both), while partial dentures are meant to replace just a portion of your missing teeth, leaving healthy originals in place.There are various types of removable dentures such as immediate dentures, conventional dentures, and implant-supported overdentures, all of which fall under the full dentures subdivision. Partial dentures also have multiple options available as well, with transitional partial dentures and removable partial dentures being the most popular choices.

    Restore Your Smile

    Fixed Dentures

    A fixed denture is a non-removable option as its name suggests. Unlike removable dentures, the main point of fixed dentures is attaching the false teeth to the jawbone in a more permanent fashion. This procedure leaves no trace of anything unnatural in external appearance compared to removable dentures which may be visibly discernable when you open your mouth

    For the bonding process, we use titanium anchors as titanium is the only known metal in medical science that we can embed into organic tissue without causing any contamination or side effects. At first, anesthetic is used to numb the area of the jaw where we place the anchors. Due to the delicate process needed to avoid damage to nerve endings in the surrounding area, the surgical procedure can take a bit of time, anywhere from on to six hours.

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    Urgent Dental Care Anchorage

    Post-Surgery Care

    In both types of denture procedures, it can take anywhere between a couple of hours to days to feel comfortable with the new additions to your jaws. You should take a lot of factors into account, with some patients opting for partial dentures before moving in for full dentures.

    Generally, inflammation and discomfort near the implanted area are typical for the first couple of days for which the dentist may prescribe medicine. The easiest and quickest fix is to move the jaw as little as possible and not cause any undue pressure until the implanted area feels natural.

    Considering Dentures? 

    How To Know When You
    Need Dentures

    If you suffer from tooth loss or other dental problems, you may be wondering if dentures from Delaney Park Dental are the right solution for you. We encourage you to make a no-pressure exam for a complete assessment from Dr. Miles, here are a couple of ways to know that you may benefit from dentures:

    smile with confidence!

    New and Improved Dentures: Our dentures look and feel natural!

    Take control of your life and your smile today with dentures as a full arch solution for edentulism! With fast and effective results, you’re just moments away from achieving a beautiful and natural looking smile.


    Frequently Asked Questions
    Your comprehensive guide to common queries about dentures, covering topics from types and maintenance to costs and daily care routines. Get answers to your pressing denture questions here!

    How long does it take to get dentures at Delaney Dental Park?

    At Delaney Dental Park in Anchorage, AK, our denture process typically takes a few weeks. Initial consultations allow us to assess your needs, and subsequent appointments involve precise measurements and fittings. Our dedicated team ensures a timely and comfortable denture experience tailored to your unique requirements.
    Absolutely! Once you adjust to your new dentures, you can enjoy a diverse range of foods. Delaney Dental Park provides personalized guidance to help you transition smoothly, ensuring you can confidently savor your favorite meals without any discomfort. Our goal is to enhance both your smile and your dining experience with reliable and well-fitted dentures.
    Maintaining your dentures is essential for longevity and oral health. Delaney Dental Park recommends daily cleaning using a gentle brush and specialized denture cleanser. Regular check-ups with our team in Anchorage, AK, allow us to monitor and address any adjustments needed. Proper care ensures your dentures remain in excellent condition, providing lasting comfort and functionality.
    While it’s generally advised to remove dentures at night, Delaney Dental Park recognizes individual preferences. If you choose to sleep with dentures, ensure they are clean and well-fitted. Regular breaks, nightly cleaning, and proper storage contribute to the longevity and comfort of your dentures, allowing you to wake up with a refreshed smile every morning.
    At Delaney Dental Park, our priority is your comfort. Initially, you may experience some discomfort or pressure as your mouth adjusts to the dentures. Our team in Anchorage, AK, guides you through this adaptation process, making necessary adjustments to ensure a snug fit. With our expertise, we strive to minimize any discomfort, allowing you to confidently enjoy your daily activities.
    Over time, changes in your oral structure may occur, impacting the fit of your dentures. Delaney Dental Park recommends assessing your dentures annually for any signs of wear or changes in comfort. Our team in Anchorage, AK, conducts thorough examinations and provides professional guidance on when replacement or adjustments may be necessary, ensuring your continued satisfaction with your dentures.
    Absolutely! Dentures not only restore your smile but also contribute to a more youthful facial appearance. Delaney Dental Park customizes dentures to enhance facial contours, providing a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. Our skilled team in Anchorage, AK, focuses on crafting dentures that not only restore function but also boost your confidence by complementing your overall facial features.
    Delaney Dental Park offers a variety of denture options to suit your specific needs. From complete dentures for full tooth replacement to partial dentures for those with some remaining natural teeth, our Anchorage, AK, clinic provides personalized solutions. Our experienced team guides you through the selection process, ensuring you receive dentures that align with your lifestyle and preferences.
    While minor adjustments may be possible at home, it’s crucial to consult Delaney Dental Park for any significant issues. Our team in Anchorage, AK, is trained to make precise adjustments to ensure the optimal fit and comfort of your dentures. Attempting major adjustments without professional assistance may lead to damage or discomfort, so it’s best to rely on our expertise for lasting results.
    The cost of dentures at Delaney Dental Park varies based on the type of denture and the level of customization required. During your initial consultation in Anchorage, AK, our team provides a detailed estimate, considering your specific needs and preferences. We strive to make quality dentures accessible, and our transparent pricing ensures you receive exceptional value for your investment in a confident, functional smile.

    Meet Dr. Todd Miles

    Your Trusted Anchorage Doctor

    When it comes to your oral health, you deserve the very best care from a highly skilled professional. Meet our dedicated dentist, Dr. Todd Miles, whose exceptional background and commitment to excellence ensure that your smile receives the attention it deserves.

    Todd Miles, DDS

    Dental Implant Specialist

    Dr. Todd Miles is a dedicated dentist passionate about providing exceptional dental care to his patients in Anchorage, Alaska. He earned his dental degree from Creighton University School of Dentistry and further honed his skills through a prestigious General Practice Residency at the VA Medical Center. This rigorous program equipped Dr. Miles with advanced expertise in complex procedures like implants, sedation dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, dentures, and full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Miles prioritizes clear communication, ensuring his patients understand all treatment options before making informed decisions.

    In his free time, Dr. Miles enjoys an active lifestyle filled with golfing, skiing, and spending quality time with his family.

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    Such a pleasant experience to find a dental practice in downtown Anchorage I can go to while here for a few months. From the front office to chair side, I got the best in care and I’ve been to many! Everyone was more than helpful!! I’ll be back!!

    BB Russell

    1 week ago
    Today was my first time visiting this dentist office in hopes of getting my wisdom tooth removed as it’s been bothering me for last two weeks. The front desk lady, the dentist helper and the dr were very nice and helpful. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a new dentist to check them out. I already have my second appointment scheduled next month to get some more dental work done. Thank you for taking care of my dental needs today!

    Uiese Kelekolio

    4 weeks ago
    I brought both of my kiddos to see Dr. Miles for the first time, and see my dental hygienist (brown hair pretty) I’m terrible with names but she is the best!!!! This office has been the only dental office I have stayed at since 2018. I’m so happy to get my kids in they loved it and felt like everyone was so kind and explained things so well to them about oral care. Now to get my husband in! They are always so sweet and professional I recommend them to everyone I know. 💜

    Richelle Rutty

    1 month ago
    I am not even a patient I have just been looking at photos of the work they do and I have to say it’s beautiful and so natural looking! Really top notch! They are not in network for my FedVip MetLife but I really wish they were as I have extensive work needed and would love results like they provide.

    Anthony Bonura

    2 months ago
    Dr. Miles & his staff deserve so much more than 5 stars!! I was in need of a full set of dental implants & was only in ANC for 3 days. Dr.Miles & his staff went above & beyond to help me in such a short time 🙂 I couldn’t thank them enough for all their hard work, efforts & overall kindness! I highly recommend Dr. Miles & Delaney Park Dental – Alaska is very lucky to have them ❤️

    Melanie Newton

    2 months ago
    Thank you to your team For listening and being courteous when I was having difficulties with navigating my dental insurance last year. Thank you for taking care of my and my husband’s Dental health over the past several years. I have recommended your practice to several friends. A special shout out to Nicole who takes extra care when cleaning my teeth and always meets me with a smile.

    Kristin Stadsklev

    2 months ago

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