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Exploring the Benefits of Tooth Extraction in Dentistry

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You do your best to keep your teeth healthy. Your brush, you mouthwash, and you floss (you do floss, right?). But sometimes, our best efforts just aren’t enough to keep up with old man tooth decay. When a tooth is damaged beyond repair or when repair just isn’t a realistic option, the final step is extraction, or the complete removal of a tooth.

While tooth extraction has been practiced since the early days of civilization, thanks to modern technology and progress in medical science, the pain and discomfort that used to be associated with the process have been long eliminated.
Tooth extractions are very important because, in many observations made by dentists around the world, it has been seen that many oral infections or other oral problems could have been quite easily eliminated had a particular tooth been removed earlier. If you’ve got serious tooth pain or other severe dental problems, don’t let them progress. At Delaney Park Dental, we’ll conduct a full assessment to determine whether or not an extraction is actually necessary.

Tooth Extraction Factors

Common Reasons to Extract a Tooth

Extractions are generally reserved for when the damage is considered irreparable even with other dental procedures like getting a crown. Here are some of the most common reasons for which we may suggest a tooth extraction:

Lack of Space

When an anatomical anomaly is observed, usually when a new tooth can’t grow properly in the right place due to excessive teeth around it.

Shark Teeth

When a baby tooth hasn’t been displaced naturally and needs to be forcefully removed to allow the new tooth to grow. These are often known as “shark teeth” because commonly the new teeth grow behind the baby teeth instead of beneath them, creating two distinct rows of teeth, like a shark’s.


 If a tooth is the origin point for any oral infection.

Weakened Teeth

 If the teeth are weakened as a result of side effect of different prescription drugs or surgical procedures like chemotherapy.

For Other Procedures

In case of major oral surgery procedures like implants, dentures, and bridges where a single tooth might be preventing the surgeon from fitting a new set of false teeth or braces.

Efficient Dental Extraction Process

Procedure for Tooth Extraction

Experience a seamless tooth extraction procedure, designed for your comfort and safety. Our skilled team ensures gentle care and swift recovery, restoring your dental health with confidence and ease.

X-Ray Evaluation

Generally, when a tooth extraction is performed, recent X-rays are essential for the dentist to assess the extent of damage to the tooth. This helps the dentist make informed decisions about the extraction process. Additionally, X-rays reveal crucial details such as the correlation of teeth with the sinus, any deformities preventing wisdom teeth from falling, and the condition of nerves around the jaw-bone.

Medical Information and Prescriptions

Patients are required to provide information about other medical conditions and any prescriptions they are taking. This ensures that the dentist can identify and mitigate potential conflicts or complications arising from existing health issues.

Pre-surgery Medications

Based on X-ray evaluations, the dentist may prescribe pre-surgery medications to minimize potential risks, especially for patients with sensitive medical conditions or compromised dental health. This step is crucial to reinforce dental health before the actual surgery.

Simple Extractions with Elevator

For common extraction services, known as simple extractions, dentists use a tool called the elevator to loosen the targeted tooth. Subsequently, forceps are employed to remove the tooth. This method is suitable for uncomplicated extractions and is less invasive than surgical procedures.

Surgical Extractions for Broken Tooth

Surgical extractions become necessary for broken or damaged teeth. This process involves making small incisions on the gums to loosen the teeth, as opposed to using an elevator. Local anesthetic is applied before surgical extractions to ensure the patient experiences minimal pain or discomfort during the more complex procedure.

Pain Management in Tooth Extractions

Local anesthetic is routinely applied before surgical extractions to eliminate pain or discomfort. In simple extractions, where pain is typically within tolerable levels, anesthetics are not always necessary. This ensures that patients experience a comfortable and pain-free tooth extraction process tailored to the complexity of their specific case.

Post-Surgery Recovery

What to do After a Surgery

Your post surgery care will depend on what exactly you had done. However, with any oral surgery, proper rest is always advised. Dr. Miles is your dentist and oral surgeon in Anchorage at Delaney Park Dental, and he will advise you on pain management and get you situated with the proper prescriptions when necessary.
If anything seems unusual about your situation, you can always contact our dental office and get in touch with someone who can give you proper instructions as well as letting you know if what you are experiencing is normal.

Signs of Tooth Extraction

How to Identify If You Need a Tooth Extracted

While it’s ultimately up to the dentist to decide whether you should get a tooth extraction or not, there are some early signs you should look out for. If you find yourself with the following symptoms, contact the staff at Delaney Park Dental to get to the root cause and determine if extraction is the right solution:

Remember, these are also symptoms of some other dental problems, so the best course of action is to get an assessment from a highly-skilled professional who knows what to look for.

Anchorage Tooth Removal

Get Dental Extractions in Anchorage, Alaska from Delaney Park Dental

Many people have valid concerns about getting an extraction:

Remember, if a tooth needs to be extracted, the matter isn’t going to get any better by ignoring it. It’s just going to get worse. Another important thing to remember is that having a tooth extracted isn’t the end of healthy teeth.

From bridges to dental implants, there are plenty of options to make sure that your smile stays bright and that your teeth continue to function.

So at Delaney Park Dental, we understand how worrisome even thinking about losing one of your pearly whites can be. But we’ve been performing tooth extraction in Anchorage successfully for plenty of patients just like you.

smile with confidence!

Painless Tooth Extraction: Your Road to Dental Relief

Experience gentle and effective tooth extraction services tailored to your comfort at our dental clinic. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a brighter, healthier smile. Book your appointment today!

Tooth Extraction

Frequently Asked Questions
Explore essential Tooth Extraction FAQs. Learn about the procedure, recovery, and aftercare. Discover common concerns and expert advice for a smoother dental experience. Your guide to a healthier smile.

Why might I need a tooth extraction at Delaney Dental Park in Anchorage, AK?

At Delaney Dental Park, tooth extractions are recommended for various reasons, such as severe decay, impacted wisdom teeth, or overcrowding. Our experienced team assesses each case individually to ensure the best course of action for your oral health.
Our clinic prioritizes patient comfort. Tooth extractions at Delaney Dental Park are performed under local anesthesia, ensuring a pain-free experience. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to minimizing any discomfort and providing a stress-free procedure.
The duration varies based on complexity, but most extractions at Delaney Dental Park are completed within 30 to 60 minutes. Our efficient and caring team ensures a smooth and timely process while prioritizing your well-being.
Post-extraction, it’s normal to experience mild discomfort and swelling. Delaney Dental Park provides comprehensive post-operative care instructions to enhance healing. Patients are advised to follow these guidelines and contact our Anchorage, AK clinic if they have any concerns during the recovery period.
Initially, a soft diet is recommended to facilitate healing. As your Anchorage dental experts, we provide dietary guidance post-extraction. Patients can gradually resume a regular diet, following personalized instructions to ensure a smooth transition without compromising the healing process.
Delaney Dental Park explores all possible alternatives before recommending extraction. In certain cases, alternatives like root canals or dental crowns may be considered. Our Anchorage-based specialists prioritize preserving your natural teeth whenever feasible.
Yes, local anesthesia is typically administered to ensure a pain-free experience during tooth extraction at Delaney Dental Park. Our Anchorage clinic prioritizes patient comfort and employs effective anesthesia techniques to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
While local anesthesia is used for tooth extractions, it’s advisable to arrange for a ride home. Delaney Dental Park prioritizes patient safety and recommends having a companion to assist post-procedure and ensure a smooth transition from our Anchorage, AK clinic.
Most patients can resume light activities the day after a tooth extraction, gradually returning to their routine. Delaney Dental Park provides personalized recovery guidelines to ensure a seamless transition back to normalcy while prioritizing your overall well-being.
Delaney Dental Park focuses on preserving oral health, and tooth extraction is performed with careful consideration. Our Anchorage-based clinic emphasizes restorative options when applicable, minimizing long-term effects and promoting optimal oral health for our patients.

Meet Dr. Todd Miles

Your Trusted Anchorage Doctor

When it comes to your oral health, you deserve the very best care from a highly skilled professional. Meet our dedicated dentist, Dr. Todd Miles, whose exceptional background and commitment to excellence ensure that your smile receives the attention it deserves.

Todd Miles, DDS

Dental Implant Specialist

Dr. Todd Miles is a dedicated dentist passionate about providing exceptional dental care to his patients in Anchorage, Alaska. He earned his dental degree from Creighton University School of Dentistry and further honed his skills through a prestigious General Practice Residency at the VA Medical Center. This rigorous program equipped Dr. Miles with advanced expertise in complex procedures like implants, sedation dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, dentures, and full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Miles prioritizes clear communication, ensuring his patients understand all treatment options before making informed decisions.

In his free time, Dr. Miles enjoys an active lifestyle filled with golfing, skiing, and spending quality time with his family.

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I am not even a patient I have just been looking at photos of the work they do and I have to say it’s beautiful and so natural looking! Really top notch! They are not in network for my FedVip MetLife but I really wish they were as I have extensive work needed and would love results like they provide.

Anthony Bonura

3 weeks ago
Dr. Miles & his staff deserve so much more than 5 stars!! I was in need of a full set of dental implants & was only in ANC for 3 days. Dr.Miles & his staff went above & beyond to help me in such a short time 🙂 I couldn’t thank them enough for all their hard work, efforts & overall kindness! I highly recommend Dr. Miles & Delaney Park Dental – Alaska is very lucky to have them ❤️

Melanie Newton

3 weeks ago
Thank you to your team For listening and being courteous when I was having difficulties with navigating my dental insurance last year. Thank you for taking care of my and my husband’s Dental health over the past several years. I have recommended your practice to several friends. A special shout out to Nicole who takes extra care when cleaning my teeth and always meets me with a smile.

Kristin Stadsklev

3 weeks ago
Kelly is amazing! She is friendly and engaging as she does a very thorough cleaning. She also has a way of encouraging me to improve my daily routine without being degrading. Kelly, thank you!!!!

Dave Wallace

3 weeks ago
I was nervous to commit to a new dentist for work I needed done representing a significant out of pocket financial investment. There are a lot of providers in Anchorage who offer the same service and aside from online reviews it can be difficult to vet them with confidence. After making a few calls and speaking to different practices I decided on Delaney Dental based on the quality of consultation and the price. I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Miles and his staff. They were kind, non-judgemental, and professional. Everyone was responsive to my questions and requests over the 5 month treatment plan period and I’m very happy with the final outcome. Highly recommend.

Timothy Robinson

2 months ago
Delaney Dental took over Greg Stone’s practice several years ago. I am as happy, if not more, with Delaney as I was for 30+ years with Stone’s office! Fabulous staff, caring professionals, and I feel welcome and appreciated as a patient. Thanks Doc Miles and Team! Special shout outs to Kelly, my outstanding hygienist, and Colleen, who hails from Stone’s practice! You guys rock!!

Shannon Vivian

2 months ago

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