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Protective Dental Sealants in Anchorage

Getting Your Teeth Sealed Could Prevent Future Decay

Dental sealants are a thin, plastic coating that is applied to the areas of your teeth that are used for chewing. These include areas such as your back teeth (premolars and molars) and are used primarily to prevent tooth decay.

Sealants quickly bond to the grooves of your teeth, forming a protective shield over the enamel of your teeth, thus preventing plaque and food from getting stuck and causing decay.

Most people are good candidates for sealants, primarily children and teenagers as they are more likely to eat foods that will cause decay, and often are not as adept at brushing as adults.

How Dental Sealants Work

Applying dental sealants is a simple, quick, and painless process. A sealant can be applied during a regular dental visit by your dentist or a hygienist. After your teeth are cleaned, and dried, an acid-based solution is applied to the chewing areas of ones teeth, which helps with bonding. Sealant is painted directly onto the tooth enamel , where it bonds directly to a tooth and then hardens. Quite often, a curing light will be used to help speed sealant hardening.

Sealants work essentially by keeping the bad stuff out. The bond they form to one's teeth provide an actual layer of protection, essentially making your teeth “sealed” from decay that could otherwise be caused by improper brushing or bacteria. They protect the unique depressions and grooves of your teeth, especially in areas where ones toothbrush bristles may not reach. While they are not fool-proof, and you can still get decay even with sealants, they dramatically reduce the potential for cavities and decay, and on average, sealants can last up to ten years. Even better, sealants are relatively inexpensive and are mostly covered by dental insurance.

Why You Should Visit Delaney Park Dental for your Dental Sealants in

Anchorage, AK

Delaney Park Dental proudly serves the Anchorage Community and surrounding area. Our knowledgeable and caring team focus on creating a positive experience that treats not just our patients' teeth, but the whole patient themselves. Whether it’s an emergency or a simple routine check-up, we focus on the care of our patients first and foremost. That means we put the same level of care and professionalism into applying sealants as we do with a root canal.

One of our specialties is working with children, and helping to make their first experiences with a dentist a positive one that aims to remove the negative stigma associated with sitting in the dental chair. For procedures such as applying sealants, we make it fast and painless, and usually incorporate them into a routine visit.

“The staff and Dr. Miles are amazing, knowledgeable and gracious. I’m not the easiest dental patient in the first place, and they take excellent care from the teeth cleaning to the exams and the dental work. I’m very glad to be their patient!”

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Delaney Park Dental

An Anchorage Dentist You Can Trust

An Anchorage Dentist You Can Trust:

Dr. Todd Miles

Dr. Miles loves being a dentist in Anchorage. Over his career, he has found he is most passionate about Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. Because of that, he has chosen to work exclusively work with patients with those needs. 

He Dr. Miles is fully committed to providing compassionate and meticulous dental care to you using the newest technology to provide this often-expensive treatment affordably. He understands that everyone has different needs. 

It is important to Dr. Miles that you fully understand the pros and cons of all available treatment options, and he will help you find the best treatment possible.On a more personal note, Dr. Miles enjoys golfing, skiing, traveling, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and sons.

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Delaney Park Dental

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Anchorage, AK 99501

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Delaney Park Dental is located on N St #301 Anchorage We are located about 20 minutes from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (YOW). For additional questions, you can call us at (907) 276-7787 or you can find us on Yelp.


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